Bayesian Fund SPC

is the world's first A.I. Managed Digital Asset Hedge Fund

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Bayesian Fund SPC is the world's first A.I. Managed Digital Asset Hedge Fund built for institutional investors interested in Digital Asset exposure and a high-level of transparency

A.I. Managed
Algorithm Innovation

Price and Trade



A.I. Managed

Bayesian Fund SPC A.I. manager transforms complex trading algorithms into viable trades

A.I. + Algorithm Innovation

Combining A.I., behavioural finance/neuroeconomics, blockchain metrics and other leading-edge technologies to deliver outsized returns to our investors.

Behavioural Finance

We integrate core behavioural finance concepts such as loss aversion, overconfidence and naïve diversification into our trading algorithms.

Bayesian Inference Engine™

Advanced stochastic modelling and the Bayesian Inference. We have developed a proprietary engine that consumes data from millions of sources. The Bayesian Inference Engine is the heart of the Hedge Fund.

Select Exchanges

We only trade on trusted, respected and regulated exchanges. This choice might limit us, but it provides security and confidence to our investors.

Price and Trade

Bayesian Fund SPC operates in a 100% transparent way

Fully Licensed and Audited

We are fully licensed by CIMA and audited by Moore Cayman

Complete Transparency

We are the first and only hedge fund in the world to put an audited log of trading activity on ANY Blockchain. The only Blockchain technology that can support this is Bitcoin SV.


Bayesian Fund SPC leverages the best of both quantitative and value investing practices

Segregated Portfolios

We offer three segregated portfolios BSV, BTC and EUR Alpha. This reduces our investors risk and provides greater flexibility when choosing to invest in the highly volitile market of Digital Assets.

Alpha Focused

We are not an index fund
We are not a VC fund

We only focus on generating Alpha.